The RedKey Standard

Networking through RedKey is simple and effective. Our standard of integrity keeps your workflow high with zero downtime. Networks are built with up to date, industry leading equipment and configured with best security practices. RedKey adheres to industry standards backed with our own knowledge to give you the RedKey Standard.

Physical Security

Network security doesn’t just stop at configuring equipment. Physical network security is often overlooked, which is why RedKey prides itself in securing your physical network. We secure your network with top grade server cabinets and networking equipment preventing access to your vital infrastructure. RedKey trains your employees to ask questions, pay attention, and keep rogue actors away from your company’s most sensitive equipment.


Customized Networks

Networks deployed by RedKey are custom designed per client. From picking server equipment to customized security training, RedKey tailors it’s services to best suit the your needs. This means you aren’t paying competitor’s prices for unnecessary equipment and services you don’t need.

RedKey maintained

Our networks are deployed by RedKey, documented by RedKey, and maintained by RedKey. We don’t outsource the maintenance or support like other providers. This offers you a company that knows you, your needs, and your infrastructure. This also allows us to provide solutions to future challenges before they arise.