Our Mission

Our mission at RedKey Systems is security and fortification. Through our partnerships in Cybersecurity and Physical Security, we provide a full spectrum solution to security. We believe that security is essential to everybody and a high integrity system is a neccessity. Security means something different to everyone and there isn’t any one solution that will make you, your family or your employees all feel safe. That is why we have devoted ourselves to flexible security solutions and what that means to you.

Core Values

Fortified Design

Security should be simple. The more simple your implementation, the more secure it’ll be after years of maintenance. A well designed system is the easiest way to ensure you have a safe, simple, and reliable environment. These fortified designs are important at every scale, from home users to large data centers, a safe ecosystem is imperative.

Individual Responsibility

We believe that even the highest echelons of security start with the individual. Whether you’re talking about thousands of users working in a massive complex or one person in a studio apartment, individual security can be the vulnerability that is most easily exploited. If you fortify the individual, the larger system they use will inherently become stronger.

Security From Education

Keeping the design simple and placing emphasis on the individual makes it easy to see why we consider education to be so important for everybody. The only person monitoring your activity 24/7 is you. Education can be as easy as recognizing the threats and simply avoiding them.

Integrity In All Things

Integrity must be present in everything we do for it to exist at all. We take this very seriously and observe it in every aspect of our work. It is equally important in our design, our engineering, and the way in which we treat our clients who depend upon our expertise. Integrity must be central to all our endeavors.

Ask For Help

There are new threats every day. We believe in asking for help so we can all help protect each other. That is why RedKey Systems has partnered with key agencies to help us provide a full spectrum of security and we will continue to create partnerships to extinguish new threats as they emerge. We believe that through our own requests for help in security we can all rest easy knowing that we are safe and protected.




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