Audit ServiceS

RedKey offers monthly Audit services to ensure your systems are up-to-date and functioning efficiently for increased workflow. Listed below are some of the services are RedKey provides per audit.


Network and device communication assessment

Testing connectivity between devices.

Identifying IT network vulnerabilities

Scanning ports to make sure no holes are left open from application use.

Check all ports after major system updates to ensure no vulnerabilities are opened.

Check that firewall is functioning properly.

Hardware/Software and system upgrades

Routers, switches or physical firewalls being used are up to date with latest firmware.

Laptop or other devices used are updated and vulnerabilities are covered.

Operating systems being used are up to date.

Anti-Virus being used has the latest definitions for new possible vulnerabilities.

Any other programs used on personal devices are secure.

Flexible and robust network design

Adapting the network to fit client’s specific needs without compromise of integrity.

Ensuring the network will withstand the client’s needs.

Demonstrate due diligence and compliance to industry regulators

Analyzing network technologies and needs for the company.

Determining the best route of security for clients.

Disaster recovery plan

Ensure at least three locations are being used to store sensitive data.

Planned backups are regular and frequent enough in case of catastrophic failure.

Ensure that sensitive data is being encrypted.

Network discovery and mapping

Making sure that proper protocols are being used to secure wireless transferred data.

Scanning for unauthorized access points on the network.

Optimizing network performance and productivity

Using software to monitor network performance and reduce network outages.

Detecting and resolving networking issues.

Simplify data, business systems, and processes

Gaining visibility on your storage to assess your needs.

Add additional storage where needed.


Improve security and preventive security threats

Proactively identify out-of-date software and patch it.

Following a policy of least privilege for user access.

Compare and contrast monthly threats

Emergency threat analysis

Ensure all network and security procedures are well documented

Documenting each network check

Documenting each data backup check